Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act

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Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act


EAA members should get involved NOW with what you’ve told us is the most important issue in GA advocacy. Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor and support S. 2103 and H.R. 3708, the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. The newly introduced Senate bill is a companion to the House bill of the same name, introduced in December 2013 and currently co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 52 Representatives. The bill aims to allow pilots flying certain aircraft to operate using a driver’s license in lieu of a traditional third-class medical.


This legislation would build upon the remarkable safety record proven by a decade of light-sport aircraft (LSA) operations. This success shows that it’s time to widen the pool of recreational pilots who can enjoy flying their small aircraft without the expense and regulatory burden of third-class medical certification.


Many EAA members have told us that this is the most important issue that can benefit the future of aviation. So now is your time to get involved. Send a message to your Senators and Representatives urging their support of the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. Thank you for your support and action!

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We should do this I know of hundreds of pilots waiting for this to pass. they could be flying spending money, having fun, life is short time is flying by, I see the airport population getting smaller and smaller.
it's time for this legislation to be voted on- up or down- stop keeping the flying public in limbo
dont let the FAA off the hook...go for 2103 & 3708
The longer this drags on the more it demonstrates that our Government is sadly broken.
The safety record of the LSA has proven that this will work for recreational flying. To preserve and grow GA this Pilot Protection Act needs to pass. I urge congress to move quickly and pass this Pilot Protection Act.

Please get on with it!
Truck drivers don't have medicals I am waiting to by an airplane until this gets done.
Of all of the ideas proposed to invigorate general aviation, this one has the most chance of having any meaningful impact short of $1 a gallon avgas.