Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act

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Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act


EAA members should get involved NOW with what you’ve told us is the most important issue in GA advocacy. Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor and support S. 2103 and H.R. 3708, the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. The newly introduced Senate bill is a companion to the House bill of the same name, introduced in December 2013 and currently co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 52 Representatives. The bill aims to allow pilots flying certain aircraft to operate using a driver’s license in lieu of a traditional third-class medical.


This legislation would build upon the remarkable safety record proven by a decade of light-sport aircraft (LSA) operations. This success shows that it’s time to widen the pool of recreational pilots who can enjoy flying their small aircraft without the expense and regulatory burden of third-class medical certification.


Many EAA members have told us that this is the most important issue that can benefit the future of aviation. So now is your time to get involved. Send a message to your Senators and Representatives urging their support of the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. Thank you for your support and action!

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General aviation needs life support. small airports arediying. Many people arenot flying or not learning to fly because of minor ohysical problems. Light Sport license is so restrictive ane extreamly expensive it is not worth considering. 1320 pound weight limit only benifits the European market.150.000 dollars for anew glorified ultralight is excessive. If apilot fails a medical for any reason, they can never fly Light Sport.
Government should be encouraging greater use of general aviation and thereby greater commerce too. Not stifling it with bureaucratic regulations.
If there is one important issue for General Aviation and private recreational flying - THIS IS IT!


Senator Richard Blumenthal
To Me

May 9

Looks like this Senator doesn't want it....

Dear Mr. Andrew,

Thank you for your message regarding S. 2103, the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act of 2014. I appreciate hearing from you.

As you are aware, S. 2103 exempts pilots flying six seat planes or smaller from federal medical certification if the pilot has a valid driver license and meets the medical requirements of that license.

As a member of the General Aviation Caucus and the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation which has jurisdiction over the Federal Aviation Administration I am working to ensure the most economically competitive and safest environment possible for the air travel industry. It is essential to advance policies that will increase the safety of travelers, strengthen the economy, and promote job growth. General aviation plays an integral role in Connecticut in improving the operational efficiency of many businesses and supporting the local economies where airports are located. I will reach out to these aviation stakeholders and pilots to discuss the impact of this legislation and be sure to keep your views in mind.

Thank you again for your message. Please feel free to contact me in the future with any additional questions or concerns.


Richard Blumenthal
United States Senate
Long overdue application of simple common sense. I can drive a heavy truck at 55mph in traffic of innocent people which is much more immediate hazard than I am at 7,000 ft above any innocent person. 3rd class medical is not required.
Dear Sir/ Madame,

I would ask that you only use COMMON SENSE to give a YEA vote to the GAPPA bill and co-sponsor either S.2103 or HR. 3708.

Respectfully, Ronald Applegate
The 3rd class medical has outlived its its usefullness and is obsolete. please support S2103 and HR 3708
Please support the GAPPA act. The cost and hardship of obtaining a medical is unnecessary. Thank you.
Remove hassle of 3rd class medical or lower to same standard as CDL. Sight correctable, blood pressure
under control, and no drugs in system.
The compulsory third class medical actually detected rising blood pressure in me, and gave me time to correct it without medication. Why not keep the medical, but as long as the applicant can drive a car(more dangerous than flying) he/she can still fly. The cost is peanuts, and this approach would be good for everyone. The LSA record has shown that common sense can prevail.