Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act

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Support the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act


EAA members should get involved NOW with what you’ve told us is the most important issue in GA advocacy. Contact your Senators and Representatives and urge them to co-sponsor and support S. 2103 and H.R. 3708, the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. The newly introduced Senate bill is a companion to the House bill of the same name, introduced in December 2013 and currently co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 52 Representatives. The bill aims to allow pilots flying certain aircraft to operate using a driver’s license in lieu of a traditional third-class medical.


This legislation would build upon the remarkable safety record proven by a decade of light-sport aircraft (LSA) operations. This success shows that it’s time to widen the pool of recreational pilots who can enjoy flying their small aircraft without the expense and regulatory burden of third-class medical certification.


Many EAA members have told us that this is the most important issue that can benefit the future of aviation. So now is your time to get involved. Send a message to your Senators and Representatives urging their support of the General Aviation Pilot Protection Act. Thank you for your support and action!

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This is the right thing to do!
This will boost the pool of GA pilots.
I trust that we will see a sensible bit of deregulation, at last! We do know when to call it a no-go day if needed. Thanks!
This bill now has 140 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. EAA is behind on this issue.
Please eliminate the 3rd Class Medical.
One positive way to grow the government smaller.
As a retired FAA Operations Inspector, having investigated many aircraft accidents, only one of those accidents involved a medical issue. In that case, the pilot already had his medical certificate revoked, however, he chose to fly anyway. I believe that most pilots would ground themselves if they discovered a medical issue.
Also, please consider the fact that most pilots on medicare take an annual physical exam that exceeds the requirements of a third class FAA medical certificate anyway,
Maybe Congress should have to pass a third-class medical to prove they are competent to pilot this Country ?
This should pass without delay,and about time.A pilot regulates the conditions of flight,and themselves,for safety,and that must be considered. We shouldn't be grounded for archaic regulations....